The Top 7 Benefits to Telemedicine

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August 7, 2021
The Top 7 Benefits to Telemedicine

DID YOU KNOW: More than half of all U.S. hospitals currently have a telemedicine program.

An estimated 200 existing telemedicine networks in the U.S. provide connectivity to more than 3,000 sites in rural and suburban areas.

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1. Easy Access to a Specialist
With Telemedicine (or Telehealth) you are a phone call or video call away from a specialist. Most Telemedicine systems will get a doctor or nurse practitioner, or even the next available health specialist right away.  

2. Convenience 
No need to have or find transportation. Stay at home on call with a specialist from home or even from the office. No need to hire childcare or take time off to drive to your appointment. You can have what fits your schedule with Telemedicine.  

3. Reduce the Spread of Diseases 
Infections such as Covid 19, the flu, and other viruses would spread less if more people took advantage of Telehealth. If you go to a doctor's office or another health clinic, you are more likely to catch a cold or virus. Keep yourself and others protected by staying at home. Don’t forget about doctors, they can catch these illnesses also! 

4. Reduced Anxiety 
For those that get anxiety going to the doctor’s office or clinic, now you get the comfort of being at home and enjoy relaxing in your own safe space. This can also include a psychiatric specialist; you can have a telehealth therapy session.  

5. People with Chronic Conditions Can Get Help Fast 
If something happens to someone with chronic circumstances, help can be a quick phone call away. Instead of waiting in the hospital or any waiting room for help, you can get the advice or prescription from a specialist. 

6. Reduced Child Care Expenses  
Your child or baby can spike a fever, whenever, even in the middle of the night. You can be comforted by the fact that you can call a specialist for advice or a prescription. When you, a parent, or a family member gets sick, you won’t need to hire a babysitter to go to the doctors. 

7. Doctors are Safe At Home   
Doctors are people too and are at higher risk when at their job interacting with sick people all day. You can help protect them as well as yourself by using Telemedicine. Schedules can be more flexible, such as getting in contact with a specialist on weekends or after hours. 

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