Quality of Life Podcast - Zarror Mortgage

Owen Insurance Group |
November 23, 2021
Quality of Life Podcast - Zarror Mortgage

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Quality of Life Radio brought to you by WellMed here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier Hello and good morning. Thanks everybody for tuning in and watching the world famous red hot live Quality of Life Radio Show. We are in Downtown Stuart, Florida and it is already November 23rd, and the coldness crisp clean air is here. By the way, we've got three lovely ladies here going to be a hostess you guys’ part of a worldwide record from the Quality of Life Radio Show and 22 countries are tuning in I'm your host Gary Owen.

Our show is sponsored by Aetna and Cigna Medicare we're glad to have them as our partners and we're streaming live on Facebook. So, if you on Facebook look us up at the Quality of Life Radio Show and follow us there. Also, you can catch us live we are streaming uh broadcast live on WSTU AM 1450 as well as WPSL AM 1590. We are here every Tuesday because number one we bring relevant content to our listeners information people can really use in their life. Number two we love to showcase and support local business owners and businesspeople and so we have wonderful guests here who will be introduced here in a moment and number three we love to educate and bring information about insurance planning that will help improve people's quality of life we're happy to have Joanne Zarro with us of Zarro Mortgage.

Joanne and her team specialize home financing. Donna Linton has worked for Zarro for many years. She specializes in reverse mortgages which you're going to hear more about today and we have Amanda Foster. Amanda does forward mortgages.

Thank you for being with us next week our guest on our show is going to be Madeleine Bozone with Family Promise so we'll be excited to have them Tom and I will continue providing excellent phenomenal information about your Medicare and health insurance thanks for joining us we hope that you got value out of being with us this morning please share this with your friends your family your neighbors let them know about the greatest quality of life radio show and remember stay safe keep happy be healthy and enjoy your quality of life.