Quality of Life Podcast - Featuring Ocean Republic Brewing

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May 3, 2021
Quality of Life Podcast - Featuring Ocean Republic Brewing

We run the quotes for all the different carriers for small businesses based on your group size

PSL Broadcasters- Hosts Gary Owen and Tom D (Fill-in Kathy P) April 27th, 2021, Tuesday morning. Facebook live and Tune into WSTU 1450 AM & WPSL 1590 AM or streaming live online. Quality of Life Radio Show “Bring relevance constant to listeners to supports and showcase our local businesses and provide education and information that will help ensure your quality of life.”

The first half of the show features a small local business, this week was Ocean Republic Brewery. Not only a fine establishment, here in Stuart, Florida, they also give back to the community.

The other half of the show, Kathy and Gary will be going some Straight Talk insurance advice to improve your quality of life. Gary, along with a networking group, Treasure Coast Master Minds, in Stuart and opened in Port Saint Lucie, is still growing on the treasure coast. Treasure Coast Master Minds is a great networking group of small businesses on the Treasure Coast. For more information, talk to Owen Insurance Group’s office at (772) 210-1020 to join!


Ocean Republic Brewery, with Chris Cischke and Meagan Shirey. Meagan is the event coordinator and social media marketer. Chris and his wife owned pizza places from Stuart up to Sebastian, FL until they sold their businesses and were thinking of what to do next.

Chris was thinking, there is not a brewery in Stuart. So, he suggested the idea to his wife Amanda, and she agreed but her condition was to have a kitchen.

They opened Ocean Republic Brewery in July of 2019 and started out with no table service to an amazing brewery, pub, kitchen, beer in house, liquor, outdoor patio seating, indoor seating, and live entertainment establishment.” A little bit of everything for everyone.” Says Chris.

They give back things such as Operation 300, at beer fest, this past weekend. Which was a huge success, and a check is being donated to Operation 300, the featured charity.

Gary directed at Chris and Meagan, “You’re authentic and you do this for the community. When a small business provides for themselves and their family, it elevates the business when they can or will give back to the community.”

During the pandemic in 2020 and following still, Meagan says “During the pandemic we had only to-go, family style meals, people still came in to get their quad packs to take out the door, meals delivered, and they stayed open as long as we were allowed. Because of the Martin County locals that supported us during that time, even though it was a different atmosphere then it is now. Thank you for that and we really appreciate what you guys have done for us.”

Gary, “Martin County is a fairly small county, geographically and community wise. The big hearts and the wonderful people here in the community. I always say, ‘Do business with a local business, it’s so easy to go online and order on Amazon or this or that but when you give your local community and support your local business owner’s. You are giving and sustaining your neighbors to stay in business. To support one another. This is what we are here for.”

Megan, “I want to thank Gary at Owen Insurance Group, my husband and I are small business owners, we have branched off into our own company and we needed health insurance and I reached out. I said here’s what I need, and your staff is amazing... Thank you so much for taking the time with small businesses, even for one or two employees only and making sure we have the proper care that we need, making sure our families are safe and provided for.”

Gary, We have been contacted by several small businesses, this past week alone... We run the quotes for all the different carriers for small businesses based on your group size and so forth. So, if it is going to cost you 500 to 700 dollars per employee, let us take a look at the ACA (Affordable Care Act) because of the new ARPA was signed into the law, now your subsidies are higher. Then your premiums are $98 a month and now small business owners can afford to help them offset that cost of insurance for employees. The employee is saving money, the employer is saving money, everyone has health coverage, which makes everyone happy! This allows employers to retain staff such as benefits, trust, and certain loyalty.”

To wrap up Gary says, “I’ve been on the Treasure Coast for 35 years, I'm not going anywhere, the sand is in my flip flops... we have fun here on the show, but we are serious about improving and enhancing your quality of life. We know that it is confusing, insurance is complicated, it’s not fun, laws change all the time, Medicare laws change all the time, it’s important you work with a local business who is on top of this and not a call center outside your community. Please do business with a local business, support your community, support your neighbors, and by doing do you build a community.”

If you happen to have some free time on Tuesdays from 10 AM to 11 AM, check out our fun and informative “Quality of Life” radio show on WSTU 1450 AM and WPSL 1590 AM. You can also catch his live in the studio at www.WSTUTV.com. We feature a small business owner in the community every single week as well. We provide invaluable information that will enhance your quality of life.