Quality of Life Podcast - Always Promoting

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January 4, 2022
Quality of Life Podcast - Always Promoting

Helping local people figure out their Medicare Plans

It's time for the Quality of Life Radio Show brought to you by Cigna and Aetna Medicare. Your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier. Hello and good morning, everyone and thank you for joining in on this beautiful Tuesday morning. Guess what, it is January 4th, 2022! Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a great new year's Eve celebration. Be here every Tuesday morning.

We come here for three reasons. Number one we bring relevant content to our listeners that's information people can really use in their life. We love this portion of our show to showcase and support local business owners and non-profit organizations. Number three we love to educate and bring information to people bout insurance planning solutions that would help improve our listener's quality of life. Our agents across the state of Florida and the country deal with solutions to problems because obviously we know that insurance is confusing it's complicated. If you have concerns or have questions related to insurance, we have the answers.

Today we have Mitch Kahl from Always Promoting. Starting out as a graphic artist before computers were a thing, Mitch has always been one to get out there and get creative with people. He originally started out Always Promoting in Ohio but has recently moved to South Florida. Mitch is always willing to work with his clients to create the best promotional products they can. From T-shirts and hats to water bottles and backpacks, Mitch and his team can bring just about any idea to life.

Thank you for being with us. Tom and I will continue providing excellent phenomenal information about your Medicare and health insurance thanks for joining us we hope that you got value out of being with us this morning please share this with your friends your family your neighbors let them know about the most excellent quality of life radio show and remember stay safe keep happy be healthy and enjoy your quality of life.