Giving Away 1,000 Surgical Masks

Owen Insurance Group |
April 30, 2020
Giving Away 1,000 Surgical Masks

Giving back to the community

Our 1000 “FDA-Approved” disposable surgical masks have finally arrived and we will be disseminating them to any local resident who is in need. We will be distributing these curbside and will give one to each person in the vehicle (max of 2 per vehicle if only one person is in the vehicle). WPEC 12, WPBF 25 and TC Palm will be covering the event and Stuart PD has been notified for any traffic control they can provide.

Also, our neighbor – Broadway Bagels said they will be giving out bags of bagels.

CEO Gary Owen says “I believe that in crazy and distressing times like these, it surely becomes our duty to do all the good we can, to all the people we can, in any way we can.”

WHO: The Owen Insurance Group Team
WHAT: FREE Surgical Face Masks
WHEN: Friday, May 01 at 1:00 pm
WHERE: OUR OFFICE, 38 E.Ocean Blvd., Florida 34994
WHY: Because we care and we are part of this community!